Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Traditions Continue!
Now we are off to find the perfect Christmas Tree!  I was a little worried when we got to this place in Orono but  the further back we walked the brighter my hopes got.  We then found a few trees that we all liked but you can't have them all:)  Thank goodness for nice owners who drive their tractor around and pick you and your tree up and take you right to your car:)!

Thanksgiving 2012
So much to be thankful for always but this Thanksgiving was even more special because we were all together again.  Glen was deployed last year for the holidays.  We got right back into our traditions and frying a turkey is Glens FAVORITE thing to do on Thanksgiving, so thats what we did.  It was a quiet and less stressed Thanksgiving with just Glen, Me, and the Kids!  Of course the turkey was delicious:)!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Veterans Day 2012
Last year Glen left for El Paso TX for his 90 day deployment on veterans day:( 
Not this year:)  We are all together as a family for the holidays!
Taylor is looking sharp in the veterans day parade in Bangor!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had another great Halloween party!  Glen and I hosted a murder mystery dinner.  It was a ton of work but a lot of fun:)  We had some great actors who played their parts very well:)  I was the very wealthy owner of the Walgrave Astoria and Glen was my butler Stanley:) He did a great job as Stanley, everyone is still calling him that!:)

Megan and some of her friends went to the airforce base for some activities.  Megan is suppose to be a lumber jack:/

Jessie and Luke with 2 friends went trick or treating around the neighborhood:)
Jessie is a Vampire Princess and Luke is a Ninja:)
Taylor was at work for part of the night and when he go home he thought it would be more fun to sit at home and hand out candy that is why there is no picture of Taylor.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Wow! an entire summer has come and gone in a blink of an eye!
We had lots of fun with family who came to visit us this summer.
Our niece Aspen stayed for about 8 weeks.  She was a lot of fun. My parents also came for Luke's baptism.  We also took them to Boston and walked the freedom trail which my mom has been wanting to do for a while now:)  We then entertained Glens family for a week.  It was nice, it was his Dads first time here.  Lots more great pictures, maybe I will post them another time:)

 Peaks Kenney
 Luke's Birthday party:)
 My parents enjoying the beach!
 Luke hangin out with Grandpa:)
 The kids faces in the window cracks me up!:)
 Most of Glens Family
 Glen and His Dad:)
 Jan, Hewi, Richard and Glen(what a goofball)

Luke's Baptism Day

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

 18 years!:)
Glen and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary on May 27th!  I can't believe it has been that long:)  He is my best friend and after all these years I still love him with all my heart.  We had a fabulous weekend together!   We did everything we both love to do, we kayaked out to this big rock and jumped into the water, rode our bikes around the loop in acadia and then thought well we might as well go to the top so we rode to the top of cadilac mountain, after our bike ride we decided to hike to the top of beehive, it was an absolutely beautiful day!  We ended the evening by stopping for a lobster dinner MMMMM good! 

 Top of Cadilac
 Half way to the top of beehive
 At the top of beehive

Friday, May 11, 2012

One of my favorite parts of Easter is coloring Easter eggs.  It used to be such a pain with little kids but my kids are big enough now that I can actually enjoy it.  My older 2 must not think the same way I do since they did not participate in the egg coloring activity.  Jessie and Luke had a blast and got creative:)

 Easter morning, the kids have to find their baskets and the night before Luke says tell the Easter Bunny to hide my basket really hard.  So thats exactly what he did.  It took them at  least 20 min to find their baskets, we finally had to start saying warm, warmer, hot, hot, hot:) 

 Our finished product!:)
 Then off to a big wet Easter egg hunt and bbq!  Yes it was a rainy day but that didn't stop the kids from finding lots and lots of hidden eggs:) 

 Megan was the life saver for some because she took the little ones on the hunt:)
 And Taylor, well lets just say he is to old for easter egg hunts so he was being a man with the men!:)

Another Birthday!
Taylor turned 17 on April 13th!  I can't believe I have kids driving and almost ready to fly the coop.  It blows me away.  He is a very good boy:)  Poor kid got superman underwear and a little mermaid gift bag with a left over easter basket that had kids chalk and bubbles and some candy!:)  His real gift was hidden inside the basket.  a gift card for headphones he had been saving up for:)